You are meant to heal.  
You are deserving of a pain free, joyous life. 
Find your personal state of flow, own your healing power
and welcome peace and harmony into your life. 

Nagare is dedicated to your
physical, mental, and emotional health.
Owner, Lisa Roche has carefully chosen services to help bring balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.  

Restore, Recover and Rejuvenate.


Nagare has implemented several Covid-19 safety protocols to provide you with the safest experience possible.  Please read about the new measures here.

241 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ

"For the past 15 years, I’ve been periodically crippled by bowel obstructions, resulting from abdominal adhesions, due to 3 abdominal surgeries.  Often times, I would end up in the hospital, or even worse another surgery. My doctors have said that my body can’t undergo another surgery because each procedure creates even more scar tissue then before. 


I’ve tried many different outlets in hopes of preventing these episodes, such as weight training, pilates, yoga, energy healing, diet modifications and so on. It wasn’t until I started working with Lisa at Nagare Studios that I began to see a difference. Lisa has used the Gyrotonic Method to slowly begin the process of breaking up existing scar tissue that has evolved over the years. This method is a GAME CHANGER for me.  I haven’t seen the inside of a hospital since I started with Lisa.


I’m proof that The Gyrotonic Method works...even’ll love the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge that Lisa gives so freely. I’m grateful to have found her, and for the friendship we have built along the way!"