Your Journey to Wellness and Healing Begins Here

Welcome to Nagare

Are you struggling with physical pain, dealing with emotional stress or just searching for balance in your life? Nagare will help you find healing by rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.

Nagare’s Purpose

Nagare’s purpose is to help you find your own personal rhythm, best self and greatest level of peace. We carefully select each service in our wellness center to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Our team of holistic professionals will lead you on your journey to find health and happiness.

Why I Created Nagare

At some point, every one of us hits a roadblock in our lives – we know a change needs to happen but we don’t know how to take that first step.

That realization happened for me after passing out on the table of a restaurant not knowing what hit me. This day started my path to healing and ultimately inspired what Nagare is today. I spent nine months struggling with a mystery diagnosis and received no real answers about my ailments. When the pain was too much, it led me to seek out alternative forms of healing such as guided meditation and The Gyrotonic® Method.

Several years later, I am honored to serve as a Gyrotonic® Instructor, Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive. My goal is to help you overcome whatever roadblock crosses your path and find your own personal rhythm in life.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial - Elsie headshot
Aging Gracefully

Not being the most athletic person, the idea of trying a Gyrotonic session with Lisa at Nagare was a challenge to my body and mind. The experience proved to be amazing. Lisa gave me an accurate body assessment and then guided me through doable exercises that released tension and boosted my personal confidence in what was possible. The Gyrotonic sessions continue to ground me in my body, improve balance, and are definitely helping me age gracefully!
– Elsie

Testimonial - Dominey headshot
The Real Deal

I’ve trained for nearly 20 years in the energy space and have found it difficult to find someone who could hold the levels necessary for my growth. I met Lisa through a friend’s recommendation, and I haven’t looked back. From the first session she was able to guide me, not out of ego or advice, but channeling directly from my highest self. She is able to meet me on the highest of levels, to see exactly where I am and what I need. Her help has been invaluable and has accelerated my already fast-paced growth to a level I honestly never thought I’d achieve. Lisa is the real deal.
– Dominey

Testimonial - Kathy headshot
Treats the Whole Being

“I could try to explain the Gyrotonic Method, but the most effective way is to go check it out in person. Within my first appointment, Lisa explained the method, addressed my breathing correction that I’d been battling for years, as well as my posture. It’s like a chiropractic, Pilates workout, physical therapy and mental health session wrapped tightly into one appointment. Lisa is truly a gift for athletes nursing an injury through common middle-aged women like me who just strive for improved health.”
– Kathy