Rewind time by connecting the dots between current pain and its cause; then work to unwind that connection

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to store our entire life experience.  Each cell contains the history of every event in our lives.  When we experience an event, it gets stored in the tissue of our bodies and becomes the energy from which we grow and regenerate new cell life.  If that experience has been traumatic, it is stored as negative energy; if it was joyous, it is stored as positive energy; if it was neutral, then it is stored as neutral energy.  The negative energy, when multiplied, results in illness.  The positive is used to heal and the neutral simply exists as a power supply.  


When I drop into someone’s field, I can feel the different energies and where they are stored.  I am able to feel the emotions assigned to energies and release them for healing.  Your energy body speaks to me and guides me to what it is ready to heal at that time.  In that regard, you are the healer, I am the facilitator and together we work to allow for you to continue to grow and heal into your best self.


Every time you access and heal; release negative energy and replace it with positive, you raise your vibration.  Raising your vibration increases your connection to the universe, to universal life energy.  When you are aware of this, your entire being is filled with peace and a sense of harmony with everything around you.  You ease into a greater understanding of your place in the world and of your life’s calling.  You participate in your own awakening.  And once you have discovered this new sense of self, you are beckoned to continue learning.  When you follow this new path, this new journey of healing your self and growing, you participate in your transformation.


Your transformational journey can be filled with wonder, joy and growth as you continuously mine deeper and deeper within yourself for all of the different layers of energy that is ready to be addressed, released and healed.  Long held beliefs, fears and experiences are discovered, revisited and released so that you may rise into your most divine self.


The human body was designed to feel, and you must therefore feel in order to heal.  We feel physical experiences, emotional experiences, cerebral experiences.  Because we feel with our entire beings, experiences are therefore stored everywhere in our bodies.  The negative energy will manifest into pain, illness and dis-ease.  This is why I offer The GYROTONIC® Method.  It is a movement method that allows access to the body in its entirety with every movement.  I use the system as a tool to gently stimulate the area of pain with the support of your entire body, so that the tissue that is in pain is able to release with ease.


Because emotional trauma is always a full system experience, I also incorporate Reiki to calm your energy body, nervous system and mind so that you are able to surrender into your own healing each session.  Rewriting neural pathways in the brain that translate throughout your entire nervous system to reprogram muscles, release fascia and ease soft tissue requires access to unused areas of your brain.  To access more brain cells, I introduce Aromatherapy for scent memory, Music for vibrational programming and Hands-on techniques to increase and regulate the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.


Every session is intentional and deliberate for what your body needs and where it is in that very moment.  Every session is curated to meet you exactly where you are to allow for the greatest amount of healing possible.  You are the healer, I am the facilitator and together we work your body’s systems and intelligence to unwind your muscular system, realign your spine, open energy pathways and help you to heal - body, mind and spirit.  Every session we maximize your ability to THRIVE.


My personal journey is riddled with physical and emotional injuries.  My growth is a collection of unwindings that have brought me the understanding that the human body is meant to heal. We are all deserving of harmony between our physical and energetic bodies and everything I do is aimed to help bring you as much peace to daily life as possible.  

Nagare was founded to help people find their flow.  My goal is to help you find your own personal rhythm, your own best self; transform in to your own greatest level of peace and wellness.

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