Rewind time by connecting the dots between current pain and its cause; then work to unwind that connection

Our bodies try to get our attention - an ache, a jolt, a cramp.  When we don't listen, it turns up the volume - seizing muscles, chronic pain, migraines.  And when we continue to ignore, it screams - illness, disease, mystery diagnosis.  For years back pain would leave me in bed for weeks, but when I stopped accepting and started listening, a journey to know myself began. When the pain was too much, it led me to seek out alternatives to pain medication and bed rest. I discovered Reiki and The Gyrotonic® Method.  Several years later, I am honored to be a Gyrotonic® Instructor, Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive.

Today, I continue learning and sharing what gifts are unlocked for me. Guided by a person's Higher Self, I work with the body's systems and intelligence to unwind your muscular system, realign your spine, open energy pathways and help you to heal your physical body.  In addition, I work with your energy systems to bring you into a new level of well-being and balance. This allows a new foundation from which you are able to THRIVE.

My personal story is riddled with physical and emotional injuries.  My growth is a collection of unwindings that have brought me the understanding that the human body is meant to heal. We are all deserving of harmony between our physical and energetic bodies and everything I do is aimed to help bring you as much peace to daily life as possible.  

Nagare was founded to help people find their flow.  My goal is to help you find your own personal rhythm, your own best self, your own greatest level of peace and wellness.

New Clients are Always Welcome!

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