About Lisa

This is my story. A story of a happy, healthy, athletic mom and wife who ended up in a wheelchair for 9 months struggling with a mystery diagnosis. I couldn’t walk, drive, hold a utensil, sign my name or even remember how to write it. I tell my story because I know there are others out there in pain. If I can help even ONE person by sharing my journey, it will be worth it.

My story begins after passing out on the table at a restaurant not knowing what hit me. I was out to breakfast with friends, and out of nowhere started losing my vision, began feeling disoriented and blacked out. When I came to, I could barely see or hear and a friend had to drive me home. Over the next several months, my health continued to decline dramatically to the point where I could no longer function without a wheelchair. I saw countless doctors who ordered multiple tests, medications, physical therapy and more.

As a last resort, I decided to see a chiropractor who immediately sensed my pain. She put my face in her hands and said, “This is your atlas and I promise I will take care of you.” Within 10 minutes of the adjustment, I started to not only get my eyesight back but also a sense of hope. Following the appointment, I visited an atlas specialist. The atlas is the topmost vertebra of the spine that sits behind the jaw and does not show up on a typical x-ray. A sound wave adjustment relieved my dizziness and in 30 minutes I was able to walk unassisted for the first time in 9 months.

I continued to see the specialist 2 times a week and slowly regained brain function and clarity. My experience started my path to healing and ultimately inspired me to help others. I’ve come full circle and now understand that the human body has an amazing innate ability to heal. Learning to work with your internal systems helps accelerate your healing experience.  We are all created to heal and use our intuition as our guide.

About Lisa

Lisa is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Nagare, a wellness center in Haddonfield that focuses on holistic healing through The GYROTONIC® Method, Reiki and Sound Healing. A life-long lover and student of music, Lisa discovered The GYROTONIC® Method in 2006 and was immediately drawn to the fluidity and musicality of the motion.

She trained with Tony Morales in New York City, continued her certification with Master Trainer Billy Macagnone and received her final certification in Munstertal, Germany with Master Trainer, Leda Franklin. Lisa also received certifications for Musical Journey, Application for the High-Level Athlete, Shoulder Girdle Application and Psoas Principles.

After establishing Nagare in 2013, Lisa studied Reiki and was awarded Master Teacher level in 2020. Lisa now works with clients around the world to promote holistic healing practices. In addition, Lisa produces guided meditations that are accompanied by low vibrational music to stimulate the nervous system and induce healing.

As a mentor to new Gyrotonic Instructors, Lisa is humbled to be a participant in a certification program that dedicates time to training black and brown women to expand representation in the field.

Why I Created Nagare

With each new day, more people are turning their attention to finding peace and harmony in their mind, body and spirit. People are exploring their spirituality, searching for answers and looking for alternative ways to ease their minds, soothe their anxiety and calm their fears. My own path to healing inspired me to create Nagare in 2013. Nine months struggling with a mystery diagnosis led me to seek out alternatives to pain medication, traditional Physical Therapy and bed rest such as guided meditation and utilizing my expertise with The Gyrotonic Method.  Many doctors told me I had to accept my new normal; accept living in a wheelchair and not participate fully in my life.  Something in my soul told me I could heal.  So, I stopped accepting the pain, started listening to my body and learned to trust my inner voice.

We are all deserving of harmony between our physical and energetic bodies. My goal is to help you find clarity and overcome whatever roadblock crosses your path. Contact us today to start your healing journey.


You are deserving of a pain-free, hope-filled, joyous life. Experience intentionally curated Healing Journey sessions designed to help you overcome whatever roadblock crosses your path.

  • Discover the root of your pain
  • Heal emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Own your power and connect to a higher purpose
Photo - Ginny

Game Changer

For the past 15 years, I’ve been periodically crippled by bowel obstructions, resulting from abdominal adhesions, due to 3 abdominal surgeries. Often times, I would end up in the hospital, or even worse another surgery. I’ve tried many different outlets in hopes of preventing episodes, such as weight training, pilates, yoga, energy healing, diet modifications and so on. It wasn’t until I started working with Lisa that I began to see a difference. Lisa has used the Gyrotonic Method to slowly begin the process of breaking up existing scar tissue that has evolved over the years. This method is a GAME CHANGER for me. I haven’t seen the inside of a hospital since I started with Lisa.”

— Ginny