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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Gyrotonic different from yoga or pilates?

The main difference between the practices is the circular movement.  Unlike yoga, you are asked to move through a position to continue the flow of not only the exercise, but the energy as well.  The same can be said for a comparison to pilates; the movement is circular rather than linear, as on a reformer.  While pilates also works to strengthen the core, Gyrotonic aims to connect every movement through the spine, thus working and energizing the entire body.

Can Gyrotonic be used in a weight loss program?

Gyrotonic can be as vigorous as you make it.  There can be cardiovascular components to a workout.  In general, Gyrotonic is a piece of your healthy lifestyle puzzle.  It is meant to bring balance to your body in every way - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

No offense, it looks like a torture device.  Does it hurt?

None taken!  When I first saw the tower, I was very intimidated and thought the same thing.  But, no, there is no pain. Because each motion is meant to stretch and strengthen, the body heals while moving.  Unlike most forms of exercise, which require the body to move in one way for several repetitions, Gyrotonic movements promote fluidity so joints are lubricated and blood flows easily to muscles.  

Is Gyrotonic meant to be a full body work out, or could I target certain areas?

Both!  Since every session is customized to you and your body's needs, we can work on anything you'd like. However, you will always leave having had a balanced work out.  

What kind of ailments could Gyrotonic aid in and are their any limitations that would hinder practicing Gyrotonic?

The most common complaint is back pain.  Because Gyrotonic addresses the spine, people are primarily looking to relieve back pain.  Other common issues are neck and shoulder pain and joint pain caused by over usage or arthritis.  Most all limitations can be managed by taking care to make accommodations.  We use props to aid in any work out - pillows, wedges, stools - whatever is necessary for a client to feel safe and supported.

How often should I schedule sessions?

We recommend at least 1 session a week, but you could schedule 2 or 3.  In addition to each session with the equipment, you will receive homework - exercises you can do at home during the week without any specialized equipment.

What can I expect in the first session and what should I wear?

In the very first session, we will go over any limitations or concerns you might have and any goals you'd like to reach. You will be taught how to do the basic movements that are at the very core of every Gyrotonic exercise.


You should wear comfortable clothing, something you can move in, and socks.