Back Pain and the Gyrotonic Method

Back pain is a common complaint and usually stems from repetitive movements or lack of movement over a prolonged period of time. Most people spend their day sitting for long periods of time. Imagine what that does to the hamstrings, hips and back muscles. They shorten from a lack of use and movement. Gyrotonic aims to move those muscles in a variety of directions to stretch and strengthen every muscle and fiber in your body. In time and with practice, the body can gain flexibility, stability and a natural balance again. And while the Gyrotonic Method can’t turn back the hands of time and make you a child, it can help your body regain the confidence it had in youth and allow you to become more free, more playful.

I know back pain. I’ve had my back go out on me several times in the past. It’s a horrible pain unlike any other. That pain led me to the discovery of Gyrotonic as a a means to elevate the pain. But instead of just managing pain, I’ve been able to build strength and flexibility. I’m no longer as cautious when moving any more.

The Gyrotonic Method and Chiropractic go hand in hand when dealing with back pain. While Gyrotonic movements aim to work the spine and move your body in a new and different way, chiropractic medicine aligns the spine. I always tell people, make sure you’re in alignment and then we’ll work to keep you there.

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