Calling All Swimmers

Summer swim season is upon us with spring warmups right around the corner. Come work on your form, flexibility, strength and fluidity with Gyrotonic lessons at Nagare.

I am a lifetime swimmer, swim coach and certified Gyrotonic instructor. Swimming, as great as it is, can take a toll on your body. When a body is used repeatedly, in one way, for a prolonged period of time, damage can happen - that’s where Gyrotonic lessons step in.

The addition of Gyrotonic training to swimming, or any sport, adds the benefit of multi-dimensional movement for the joints and muscles. This fluidity and flexibility not only aid in injury prevention, but also facilitates injury healing. Healing with movement. Visit Nagare to bring alignment to your stroke, build strength with new form and technique which will translate not only into a healthier way of moving, but a drop in time…something every swimmer is trying to achieve this summer.

find your flow...

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