No Age Limits for the Gyrotonic Method

The Gyrotonic Method is the perfect way to keep your mind and body young and healthy. This method of exercising works and balances the entire body from the inside out. It works the organs, the mind, the joints, the muscles and everything in between. The Gyrotonic Method is truly a whole body workout for any age and any level of fitness.

It made my day when my client looked at me and said, "I haven’t moved like that since I was a child." She’s 80 years young! And while it takes time, it’s so nice to see balance being restored. Watching my older clients walk out with more confidence in each step is a wonderful, wonderful sight.

In a Gyrotonic session, each movement is supported with minimal weight, allowing for unrestricted movement that heals joints and muscles. The movements are also choreographed to challenge the brain, which helps with the aging process.

Stop thinking you’re getting older and start moving instead!

find your flow...

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