Managing Scoliosis with the Gyrotonic Method

Let’s talk about scoliosis. The curves in our spine help the body to balance properly. But when the curve is side to side, that balance is literally pulled out of alignment. With the body out of balance and alignment, the muscles will continue to hold it there causing discomfort, limitation, restriction and, at times, malformation.

Gyrotonic exercises aim to keep the spine healthy. They don’t just work the spine, they work the muscles that surround the spine to hold proper alignment. And if those muscles are holding in an unhealthy manner, the exercises aim to correct it.

When a client comes in with scoliosis, we are able to work on very specific exercises to help the muscles release and ease the pull in one direction. Then, we are able to build balance in the body.

The advantage of the Gyrotonic Method is that each workout can be customized to the individual. Whether to open the chest to correct a curve in the shoulders, or build strength to support a weaker side, the Gyrotonic Method works the entire body, as needed, for overall balance and efficiency.

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