Don't Shrug Off Shoulder Pain

Feel tension in your shoulders? Have limited mobility or pain? Have a frozen shoulder? Why do all these injuries happen? Most often it’s because the shoulder is being asked to perform tasks meant for other muscles.

At Nagare, the focus is on the entire shoulder girdle - not just the surface muscles, but the deep muscles and fascia that don’t just help the shoulder to function, but support every movement. The entire girdle is addressed and sequenced to bring efficiency, strength and fluidity to every arm movement.

Lisa Roche, a Gyrotonic Instructor and owner of Nagare, uses very specific exercises to train clients with shoulder issues. These exercises first teach clients to find their shoulders and connect them back to their spines. Then clients learn to move from a place of strength and balance to heal damaged joints and reshape muscles to move with less restriction.

Why muscle through another day when you could start healing now?

find your flow...

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