Healing with Gyrotonic - A Personal Journey, Part 3: The Real Work

As soon as the doctor cleared me to do exercise, I started with seated Gyrokinesis work. It felt so wonderful to move again. But I caution, I pushed it too far and used my arms too much and used my shoulders before they were strong enough. I really should have taken it slower but when you're allowed to move after months of sitting, you really do want to move. I was scolded for pushing too far and needed time to heal. When the neck and shoulders have been twisted and working so hard to keep the eyes level and the body upright, they are extremely weak when they let go after the atlas is put back into place.

So, I dialed it back and waited patiently until the doctor told me I could exercise with my arms over my head. Again, I started with Gyrokinesis - though this time lifting my arms only if I felt strong enough and never to the point of exhaustion. Since weight baring exercises on my shoulders were out of the question, I employed a lot of arch and curl, stirring, single spirals and doubles. I needed to find my center again. Narrowing became my best friend and worst enemy. My legs were very weak, so I started with leg pumps and dolphin in the hamstring series. I laughed when my inner thighs shook so hard I needed help getting the straps off. Note to trainers - when rehabbing yourself, have someone else in the room with you!

Gradually, my body came back to me. I was able to grab and hold on to the handles - I found my fingers! I was able to flex and point (though I must admit, to this day, I still need to think a ton about my right foot and 5th line). And as I found these body parts that felt like a million miles from my center, every nerve healed. Between the increased circulation and work with Gyrotonic, I experienced the most frightening yet amazing sensations. At any moment I'd feel a zap in a toe and when the pain left, I was able to move it. My family would watch as an ear would turn beat red and I would feel like it was on fire, but as quickly as it came, I'd breath and it would settle down and my hearing would improve. The day my right jaw turned bright red and went numb, but then stopped and came back shocked the living daylights out of me. I ran to a mirror to see the sagging was gone. It literally happened in a moment. Little by little, moment by moment, my body and life came back to me.

In addition to actively working with Gyrotonic and breathing, I meditated and chanted - RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. A healing chant that resonated so deeply. The combination of chanting, breathing and Gyrotonic did amazing things for my body, mind and spirit. I have no doubt that it was the combination that helped me heal.

Today, I'm doing so well. I still have work to do, I'm about 97%, LOL. I just had the pleasure of taking the Shoulder Girdle Workshop and learned so much about helping my body get that last 3%. This is the last piece of the puzzle - lengthening and strengthening my cervical spine, and engaging my shoulder girdle to take the strain off my traps and neck. I am determined to make this happen, but so very grateful for where I am. Today and everyday, I Find MY Flow.

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