Lung Health

There's so much emphasis on lung health right now with the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Nagare clients are encouraged to breathe during our work and this is precisely why. We time the breath work with exercises so that the lungs get to expand and contract with the effort of the muscles.

While we're all in our homes doing our best to support our medical professionals and keep ourselves and loved ones safe, I thought I'd share some tips on keeping our lungs as healthy and as strong as possible.

SALT INHALERS | Inhaling salt is believed to thin mucus in the airway, making it easier to expel. Other ideas are that the salt reduces inflammation and kills microbes in the lungs, reducing the risk of infections. Lisa is a huge proponent of salt inhalers, she uses hers all the time and right now she uses it several times a day.

EXERCISE | Breathe work is extremely beneficial not only to exercise your lungs, but to also calm the body while going through stressful times. Try putting your hands around your ribcage and inhale into your hands. Use gentle pressure to allow for some resistance. Play around with the movement, expand your ribs out to your sides, expand front to back.

At Nagare, we're huge fans of the HA-HO breath. Inhale and open your mouth to exhale in a HA sound that transitions into a HO sound one you've passed the chest. This breath changes how your body resonates with each exhale and works your diaphragm, ribs and pelvis to support your lungs in movement. Combine this HA-HO breath with twisting to wring out your muscles.

Take walks outside and get a lot of fresh air. Open your windows - even on cold days - for as long as you can. All that fresh air is so beneficial to your lungs!

SUNSHINE | Vitamin D is a natural immune booster. Soak in some natural sunlight whenever possible - just remember balance...too much sunshine could be bad for the skin. Small doses are always better when it comes to sun exposure.

CLEAN YOUR SPACE | We have nothing but time on our hands right now, so make use of it and clean every nook and cranny of your space. Get rid of as much dust as possible. Clean your spaces and surfaces so your air is cleaner.

DRY BRUSHING | Dry brushing your skin invigorates your body and strengthens your immune system. Not only is it a treat for your skin's condition, it helps increase blood flow which in turn assists in your body's overall immune response.

DIET | Feed your body lean proteins, limit dairy to limit mucus production, eat lung supporting foods like cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, almonds, apples, pears, rice, oats, onion, garlic and sesame seeds. Right now Lisa is obsessed with onions, she can't get enough and is throwing them in almost everything she eats! 😃 Increase your leafy greens, vegetables and grains - anything that grows with oxygen feeds your body oxygen.

WARMTH | Keep your foods and drinks at warm temperatures. They thin mucus in your throat and kill bacteria. Keep a scarf on to warm your throat and neck. Keep your chest covered from wind or cold air - keep things easy on your entire system right now so your lungs can be as strong and as healthy as possible.

ESSENTIAL OILS | If you've come in to the studio, you know we have Breathe in the diffuser quite often. The mixture of essential oils opens the sinuses and expands the lungs to allow for fuller cleansing breaths. Eucalyptus is another fantastic opening oil. Some others we regularly use to boost our immune systems is On Guard, Rosemary, Oregano, Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime and Clove.

And when the studio is back open, Michelle Pizzo offers an amazing Rain Drop Therapy Massage that combines oils specifically chosen to support and strengthen the immune system. It's a truly heavenly treat that we can't recommend enough!

As always, we wish you health and happiness. Please stay safe! We can't wait to get back in the studio to see you!

Be well!


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