Everywhere you need an energetic, revitalizing boost.

The Air-Ion Sprayer is based on the same principles as other Nature’s


Design’s products with the three wave shape and is designed to restructure/revitalize water that is placed within it in 3 minutes.

It ejects a very fine mist that helps to regenerate stale or unhealthy air spaces. When filled with fresh, clean water, or the esssential oil mixture of your choice, the spray vitalizes the environment with negative ions and clears energy.


It is an excellent tool for hydrating the skin or cleansing the auric field of stuck energies. The expansive fine mist that the Air-Ion Spray delivers is excellent for misting your favorite house plant or delicate seedlings.


All Air-Ion Sprayers have the white Flower of Life design emblazoned into the base of the bottle, for additional positive influence of healing based on color therapy.

Air-Ion Sprayer

  • Capacity
    70 ml / 2.4 fl .oz

    hand made

    lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

    Use it for:

    • Freshening the air in an enclosed room
    • Cooling and vibrating your skin
    • Instant cooling and energetic support for hot flashes
    • Taking with you for the car, train, plane
    • Your plants, floral bouquets, roots and shoots
    • Everywhere you need an energetic, revitalizing boost

    Many users report a fresh feeling, like the feeling of being out in nature in the vicinity of a tumbling waterfall.