The Alladin Family is the larger version in the mid-size range of Nature’s Design’s carafes with similar shapes. Shown here is the basic version without a design. The 2.3 liter size is ideal for families or groups. The cascading design of 6 sequential sections, with the volume of each section corresponding to one of the first 6 numbers of the universal Fibonacci sequence, aligns with the geometry found everywhere in nature.


Two options are available. The Basic option has no Flower of Life (FOL) design on the bottom of the carafe and is dishwasher safe. The second option has a 24 carat gold Flower of Life fired into the bottom of the carafe. In color therapy, the color gold is associated with energetic support, expansion of consciousness and biological well-being. This carafe must be handwashed.


No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalization effect. The effectiveness of the carafe in revitalizing liquids placed within it, is created by its physical shape. The product’s ability to create these effects is guaranteed as long as the physical shape is preserved.


Alladin Family Carafe 2.3L

  • The design of the Alladin Family carafe has been tested by independent laboratories to guarantee that it restructures water as long as the design is not altered or broken.


    The Alladin Family Carafe should not be used for hot beverages, otherwise the glass may crack.


    Each Alladin Family Carafe is an unique piece due to the method of production. Small imperfections such as slightly different dimensions and weight of the carafe or small bubbles are not a defect but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products.  Each product displays the logo of Nature’s Design which has been fired into the glass.


    The carafes can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a bottle brush.  It is not advisable to sit the carafe in direct sunlight as the carafe may focus the light in a manner to create burns on the surface on which it sits.

    Replacement Tops are available.


    2.3 liter / 78 fl .oz


    10 inches w/out the glass ball top


    Mouth-blown traditional workmanship


    Lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158 F