Our body needs good salt in order to function properly. Our pitcher Cadus for salt brine prepares a vital salt brine solution from the purest and most perfect salt in the world – crystal Himalayan salt sourced from Pakistan. The salt is rich in minerals and has many therapeutic characteristics helping to balance the body’s pH. One spoon of salt brine, which is revitalized /restructured by the carafe, in a glass of water is recommended for a morning drink. The solution is also very useful for cooking. 


The Cadus pitcher has a white Flower of Life (FOL) symbol on the bottom of the carafe. The white color represents an additional energetic intention layered into the FOL design based on color therapy. The white FOL design symbolizes a focus of healing on many levels within Self. 


Instructions for preparation of crystal salt brine, a spoon made from olive wood and Himalayan salt are included. It all comes packaged in a delightful wooden gift box.

Cadus Sole (Salt) Pitcher