The Calix Wine Glass offers enhanced taste through its unique shape. 


This wine glass has the most unique and energetically active design of any wine glass on the market today, and is suitable for all kinds of wine. You will be truly amazed at the effect this glass has on your favorite wines as it restructures/revitalizes the water within the wine in three minutes.


This delicate design can be recommended for the best wines, and even everyday wines are biologically enhanced by the crystalline structure of the liquid. All the glasses are mouth-blown and are available for both red and white wine. The red wine glass now has a white Flower of Life (FOL) design burnt into in the bottom of the stem.


We have a limited number of machine made (slightly less expensive) red wine glasses as well as mouthblown red wine without the Flower of Life on the bottom. These have been discontinued and when they are sold out, they are gone.


All these beautiful pieces are incredible to drink from, hold, and admire. And most of all they shift the taste of the whatever beverage you choose to place within them.



Calix Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses
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