Holding 5 liters of energized water, this beauty is ideal for small groups.


With half the volume, the Beauty Carafe is a smaller version of the Universe, probably the largest hand-made water carafe of its kind in the world. The one shown here is the top of the line, platinum version.

The Beauty Carafe, like the Universe, comes with a center channel to hold ice or other items of your pleasure. The gemstones should in the picture are not included.


There are two options, a Basic option with no Flower of Life (FOL) on the bottom of the carafe or a Platinum FOL design burnt into the outside of the glass on the bottom of the carafe. Based on color therapy, the Platinum FOL design represents the additional energetic intention of self love and forgiveness.


Other products that may be purchased with the Carafe Beauty include a wooden base and gemstone mixture for the center channel. Olive Wood Ball Tops are available to purchase for this carafe.


The effectiveness of the carafe in revitalizing liquids placed within it, is created by its physical shape. This effect is guaranteed as long as the shape is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalization effect.

Carafe Beauty – 5.0 Liter


    The design of the Beauty Carafe has been tested by independent laboratories to guarantee that it restructures water as long as the design is not altered or broken.


    The Beauty Carafes can hold hot or cold beverages due to the type of glass it is constructed with. Each Beauty Carafe is an unique piece due to the method of production. Small imperfections such as slightly different dimensions and weight of the carafe or small bubbles are not a defect but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products.  Each product displays the logo of Nature’s Design which has been fired into the glass.


    The carafes can be cleaned with hot soapy water and a bottle brush.  It is not advisable to sit the carafe in direct sunlight as the carafe may focus the light in a manner to create burns on the surface on which it sits.

    Replacement Tops and Spigots are available.

  • WEIGHT 10.8 lbs

    5 liter / 170 fl .oz (1.3 gallons)


    14 inches tall w/out glass ball top


    Mouth-blown traditional workmanship


    Borosilicate glass suitable up to 100°C / 212° F