During a Distant Reiki Session, you may ask for Lisa to send reiki energy to a specific body part, concern or ailment.  Lisa will drop into your fields and scan your body to get a better picture of what is going on with regards to your situation.  By reading an energy body, Lisa is able to receive information about the physical, emotional, energetic and mental components of your discomfort.  By knowing the root of an injury, the release of its energy allows for physical traumas to heal much faster.

Distant Reiki is not in person and is scheduled to be received when you are at your most relaxed, ie during meditation or asleep.  Lisa will connect with your energy field and address whatever your body is willing to heal in that moment. 


Distant Reiki is not meant to diagnose or medically treat any affliction. Lisa's Higher Self will connect with yours to ask permission to release the energy that is at the root of any discomfort you are currently experiencing. If she receives any advice or if your body is asking for something specific, that information is relayed back to you. 

Distant Reiki