The positive impact of the energy plate and the Gold Flower of Life.


The Energy Plate is a hand-polished glass coaster with the Flower of Life symbol emblazoned into the glass in 24 carat gold and are available in either in large or small.


The purpose of these pieces are to energetically enhance and revitalize liquids and foodstuffs that are placed upon them. The Flower of Life symbol has been known and used for millennia in different cultures of the world, for food vitalization and extended food storage. Now it is available in an easy-to-use form for household purposes.


These glass energy plates are not intended for use with hot dishes. For hot dishes and pots, please use the Shinno ceramic energy plate with its cork pad located in our Porcelain section. 

The colors represent an additional energetic intention layered into the FOL design based on color therapy. Gold represents an expansion of consciousness and abundance.

Energy Plates

  • Diameters
    Small Glass Energy Plate Diameter – 3.5 inches (9 cm) 
    Large Glass Energy Plate Diameter – 8.6 inches (22 cm)

    hand made – each item is a unique handcrafted piece

    lead-free glass / ceramic