During a remote reading, Lisa will drop into your fields and scan your body to get a better picture of what is going on with regards to your situation.  By reading an energy body, Lisa is able to receive information about the physical, emotional, energetic and mental components of your discomfort.  By knowing the root of an injury, the release of its energy allows for physical traumas to heal much faster.

These Remote Readings are informational only, they are not meant to diagnose or medically treat any affliction.  Remote Readings are not psychic readings.  Lisa's Higher Self will connect with yours to ask permission to scan for any issues.  If she receives any advice or if your body is asking for something specific, that information is relayed back to you.  

Remote Reading

  • Please remember to email Lisa a picture of just your face to allow her to drop into your field with ease.

    NO inappropriate photos of any kind will be accepted.  If your photo is of any body part other than your face, your reading will be cancelled and your money will not be refunded.

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