The energy plate that can handle hot stuff.


The Shinno Energy Hot Plate is a fine, glazed terracotta plate with a cork pad insert. Hand-made to specific dimensions, each item is a unique piece created by European craftsmen.


A platinum Flower of Life (FOL) symbol, has been glazed onto the ceramic to energetically enhance and revitalize whatever is placed upon it. This color represents an additional energetic intention layered into the FOL design based on color therapy. Platinum represents a focus of self love and forgiveness.


This plate is suitable for use with either glass or ceramic vessels. Revitalize and energize your cooked foodstuffs. The plate is perfect for everyday use.

Shinno Hot Energy Plate

  • Diameter
    9.0 inches (23 cm)

    hand made – each item is a unique handcrafted piece


  • To clean the hot plate, remove the cork insert and hand wash using gentle cleaning products, in order to avoid damaging the symbol fired into the piece.
    Replacement cork discs are available.

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