Client Testimonials

"I went to see the therapist I worked with and he was just blown away by the progress I've made. He said, 'This is not the body that presented a year and a half ago.' A million thanks."


- Ann B. (practicing 4 months)

"I could try to explain the gyrotonic method, but the most effective way is to go check it out in person. Within my first appointment, Lisa explained the method, addressed my breathing correction that I'd been battling for years, as well as my posture. Nagare treats the whole being-mind and body. After a session, I feel the tension has left my shoulders, and my mind is adequately cleared for the day. It's like a chiropractic, Pilates workout, physical therapy and mental health session wrapped tightly into one appointment. Lisa is truly a gift for athletes nursing an injury through common middle-aged women like me who just strive for improved health."


- Kathy T. (practicing 10 months)

"Thank you so much! I truly wouldn’t be here without you and I can hear (it) with every movement of my feet."


- Adrienne C. (while running her first marathon)

“We were highly recommended to Lisa for our daughter, a highly competitive swimmer.  Our daughter was struggling with what we initially believed a shoulder injury that was limiting performance and affecting her self-confidence.  Lisa is a rock star!  After working with our daughter over just a few sessions, it was revealed that the shoulder issue was a result of poor body symmetry and technique.  Lisa’s expertise and patience has both re-energized our daughter and given her the tools to focus (on) good technique based on body awareness.  Next up, fast ,injury free swimming!  Lisa is in rare air understanding the link between proper body form and athletic performance.”


- Rob S. (Proud Swim Dad)

"I didn’t want to send this text too early. Maybe I thought it would jinx everything. I’m back to running 3 times a week. 10 miles total/ week. I hope to increase my mileage obviously, but I am THRILLED to just be out there! Thank you ❤️"


- Jacqui C. (practicing 4 months)

"One gold in quad, two seconds in eights. Competition was tough... 

Thanks to your good work, I had no pain after the races. That's progress."


- Gabriele C. (post races at the World Rowing Masters Regatta)

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